Teacher Courses (7-12)

Teacher Courses (7-12):
  • Help teachers to build their own understanding of math content
  • Introduce teachers to the PRIME Developmental Maps and Tools
  • Show teachers how to determine where students are in their mathematics understanding using the Developmental Maps
  • Provide strategies to move students forward

Designed for Grade 7-12 teachers, these two courses focus on Differentiated Instruction through questioning.

Who should attend:
Grade 7-12 teachers

Course Length:
Two or three days, depending on the strand

Training Delivered By:
A District Facilitator who has completed a PRIME Facilitator Course in the relevant strand or a Nelson Education Facilitator.

One kit per participant, per strand.

Courses Available:
Teacher courses are available in two strands: Number and Operations; and Patterns and Algebra.

Sample Course Outline—Number and Operations Strand

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3




Overview of PRIME

Phasing Multiplication Tasks

Diagnostic Tools from Day 2

Representing a Number

Student Tasks (Day 1)

Fostering Communication

The Number Maps

Algorithms Across the Phases

Planning with PRIME

Key Ideas Across the Phases

Open & Choice Tasks

Problem Solving with PRIME

Fractions Across the Phases

Manipulatives Across the Phases

Reflecting Back / Moving Forwar

The Operations Map

The Diagnostic Tools


Getting Ready for Day 2

Getting Ready for Day 3