1. What types of courses can you take?
There are three types of PRIME courses:

Strand Courses for Teachers:
There are three strand courses for teachers of math.

Strand Courses for Facilitators:
Districts can send people to be trained as PRIME course facilitators for the strand courses. These local facilitators can then conduct PRIME courses in the district.

School Mathematics Improvement Course for Leaders:
This course is designed for principals and district administrators. It focuses on developing a School Math Improvement Plan and working with teachers as they are trained in the strand courses.

2. How long are the courses?
Strand Courses for Teachers are two or three days per strand, depending on the strand. The days are not necessarily consecutive and it is recommended that there are 2-3 weeks between days. Strand Courses for Facilitators are three or four days per strand, depending on the strand. These can be consecutive days or spaced out with 2-3 weeks between each of the days. The School Mathematics Improvement Course for Leaders is two half days or one full day.

3. How much do the PRIME Courses cost?

Courses vary in cost. Please visit the Course Fees section for more information.

4. How do you implement PRIME?
Usually a school or district decides to provide teachers and administrators with the courses. The school or district contacts Nelson Education and we organize the course dates and costs together.

5. How does PRIME work with my current math textbook?
PRIME is not meant to replace your math textbook. The PRIME resources and courses provide professional development in math and help teachers:
  • better understand the math they teach
  • better understand how students learn math developmentally
  • organize and plan what they are going to teach and how they would tailor their lessons and teaching to meet the needs of their students
6. Do I have to have Nelson Mathematics Resources to use PRIME?
PRIME is about how students develop mathematically so it is about where a student is on the Developmental Map or continuum. It can be used in conjunction with any math resource. That said, PRIME’s foundation is designed around the same key ideas and methodology for teaching math that Nelson Mathematics and Nelson Math Focus provide in each grade. Dr. Small is also the principal author of PRIME, Nelson Mathematics, and Nelson Math Focus. The connections between Nelson’s core mathematics resources and PRIME are profound.

7. What materials are in the PRIME Strand kits?

Each strand kit contains four components:
  • Poster-sized copies of the Developmental Maps
  • Diagnostic Tools booklet
  • Guide to Using the Developmental Map
  • Background and Strategies book
8. Can I purchase a strand kit if I have not taken the strand course?
When running a course, facilitators can purchase kits for their participants. Otherwise, strand kits are not available for purchase if you have not taken the strand course.

9. Who are the PRIME professional learning courses designed for?
The Strand Courses for Teachers are designed for anyone teaching K-8 or 7-12 math – those who are math specialists and those who feel they are not very math savvy. The School Improvement Course is designed for school and district administrators or leaders.

10. What if I really lack confidence in my knowledge of math content?
We designed the courses with this type of teacher in mind. The courses are designed to be both fun and informative and to provide you with the opportunity to expand your own knowledge of math as well as that of your students. We also aim to increase your comfort level in math in a supportive atmosphere.

11. Are PRIME materials available in French?
PRIME materials are available in French from Groupe Modulo/Duval Education for Number & Operations, and Patterns & Algebra. Please contact Duval at 1-888-932-8229.

12. How do I set up a PRIME Course in my school or district?
Visit the Online Course registration page and you will be contacted regarding PRIME Courses.