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Teacher Courses (K-8)

Teacher Courses (K-8 and 7-12):
  • Help teachers build their own understanding of math content
  • Introduce teachers to the PRIME Developmental Maps and Tools
  • Show teachers how to determine where students are in their mathematics understanding using the Developmental Maps
  • Provide strategies to move students forward and differentiate instruction in all learners

Who should attend:
K-8 or 7-12 teachers

Course Length:
Two or three days, depending on the strand

Training Delivered By:
A District Facilitator who has completed a PRIME Facilitator Course in the relevant strand or a Nelson Education Facilitator.

One kit per participant, per strand.

Courses Available:
For K-8 teachers, courses are available in three of the five strands: Number and Operations, Patterns and Algebra, and Geometry.

For 7-12 teachers, courses are available in Number and Operations, and Patterns and Algebra.

Strand Kits:

Strand kits are available for all five strands (Number and Operations, Patterns and Algebra, Geometry, Data Management and Probability, and Measurement) for districts that have facilitators trained in at least two of those strands.

Sample Course Outline—Number and Operations Strand

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3




Overview of PRIME

Phasing Multiplication Tasks

Diagnostic Tools from Day 2

Representing a Number

Student Tasks (Day 1)

Fostering Communication

The Number Maps

Algorithms Across the Phases

Planning with PRIME

Key Ideas Across the Phases

Open & Choice Tasks

Problem Solving with PRIME

Fractions Across the Phases

Manipulatives Across the Phases

Reflecting Back / Moving Forward

The Operations Map

The Diagnostic Tools


Getting Ready for Day 2

Getting Ready for Day 3