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School Mathematics Improvement: Course Resources


  1. 1 PRIME School Mathematics Improvement Kit per participant
School Mathematics Improvement Kit Includes:
Developmental Maps Research Study
Ten Dimensions Research Study
4 poster-sized Developmental Maps
Leadership Handbook

Developmental Maps Research Study
Explore the Research
Details the extensive cross-Canada research study conducted between 2002 and 2004 to determine what phases of development students pass through as they learn key mathematics concepts and skills. It also describes how the PRIME Diagnostic Tools were developed and validated with over 12,000 Canadian students.

Ten Dimensions Research Study
Details the research behind the School Mathematics Improvement Course resources, including the study behind the Ten Dimensions.

Developmental Maps
Explore the Results
The outcome of the cross-Canada research study was PRIME, and the Development Maps. Copies of the Number and Operations Developmental Maps are included for reference:
  • Number Phases and Indicators Map
  • Number Visual Map
  • Operations Phases and Indicators Map
  • Operations Visual Map
Leadership Handbook
Initiate & Sustain Math Improvement
This handbook describes how and why mathematics education is changing and presents a future vision of a successful mathematics program.

  • A framework to build a school improvement plan in mathematics
  • Explanation of the roles that administrators, teachers, parents, and the larger school community play
  • Comprehensive teacher attitude survey to chart results
  • Ways to support the implementation of PRIME with teachers in your school

Ten Dimensions of Mathematical Education Continuum

Guide to Using the Ten Dimensions Continuum

Attitudes and Practices for Teaching Math Survey

Attitudes and Practices for Teaching Math Survey Scoring Chart