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What is PRIME: School Mathematics Improvement Course

The School Mathematics Improvement Course is based upon a Canadian, research-based framework for understanding and assessing good teaching practices in mathematics, called the Ten Dimensions of Mathematics Education.

Over the course of two half days, school leaders and administrators learn
how to use the research findings of the Ten Dimensions and the PRIME
Leadership Handbook to lead school improvement in mathematics.

School Mathematics Improvement Course:
  • Introduces school leaders to the Ten Dimensions, a framework for the improvement of mathematics instruction
  • Provides strategies to support change
  • Provides leaders and administrators with a framework for developing a school mathematics improvement plan
  • Suggests ways to support teachers as they implement PRIME
  • Introduces leaders to the components in a PRIME strand kit

Who should attend:
School leaders and administrators

Course Length:
Two half days or one full day

Training Delivered By:
Nelson Education Facilitator

One kit per participant.